Oct 20, 2017 5:00 pm Pacific/Honolulu

Sourcing Local

Kyo-ya knows that much of the freshest, highest quality produce comes from local farms, which is why the company makes a concerted effort to buy local produce whenever possible for its restaurants and special culinary events.

For example, each year the Moana Surfrider hosts “Mangoes at the Moana,” which is a month-long celebration of special events and activities featuring some of Hawaii’s greatest chefs and local farmers. Events include a mango recipe contest, local mango tastings, and culinary demonstrations using locally-grown mangoes.

Sheraton Waikiki’s restaurants including Kai Market, RumFire, The Edge of Waikiki, and Ingredients try to serve up to 60% certified safe locally sourced produce.  Recently, the resort has also decided to include banquet menus in its sustainability initiatives.